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How to Convert DRM M4V to MP4 on Windows

MP4 is the top video formats on the market. However M4V can only be played on specific video players, especially if the M4V files are purchased or rent from iTunes Store, more limitations are here.

If you want to play these iTunes M4V files on PSP, PS3 or other PMPs, which method can solve this problem?

You can find M4V Converter Plus for Win help you. It support converting DRM protected iTunes videos. After conversion, the DRM protection is also removed. After the conversion, you can easily play the converted MP4 videos on any portable media players without any limitations.

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Powerful M4V to MP4 Converter - M4V Converter Plus for Win

Convert any iTunes M4V Videos to MP4

M4V Converter Plus for Win support converting the movies, TV Shows, music videos purchased and rent from iTunes Store are M4V format with DRM protection to MP4 videos have no DRM protected at all, and you can play MP4 files on almost all of the PMPs like iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, PS3 and so on.

With the M4V Converter Plus for Win, users can easily convert any videos available playing on iTunes to MP4 with excellent output quality and high conversion speed.

DRM removal from protected M4V

If the M4V movies are purchased from iTunes Store, they are DRM protected. As well as iTunes movies rentals.

DRM protection limit you cannot play the purchased or rent M4V freely, even if you have to follow the related terms. It sounds terrible. Supposing that if you are able to remove DRM protection from purchased M4V or rent M4V, and convert them to MP4, no need to worry the above information. M4V Converter Plus for Win is the right helper you are looking for.

Batch conversion

With the batch conversion mode, you can import a series of iTunes video files to convert, and then the software will convert the files one by one automatically. Don't need to select and convert singly.

High speed and excellent output quality

With the particular technology, the M4V Converter works easily and the conversion speed is unbelievable high. Just after a tea or coffee, you can enjoy the converted files.

There is little quality loss, even you convert the HD videos. HD video output gives you unique visual enjoyment.

About M4V & MP4

M4V and MP4 can be applied to MPEG-4 video files that are exactly the same in every way. m4v is the official extension for video files that you download from iTunes while mp4 is based on mov. Double-click the file and there'll be different behavior: .mp4 opens in QuickTime Player whereas .m4v opens in iTunes by default.

MP4 is most commonly used to store digital audio and digital video streams, especially those defined by MPEG, but can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images. Like most modern container formats, MPEG-4 Part 14 allows streaming over the Internet. The official filename extension for MPEG-4 Part 14 files is .mp4, thus the container format is often referred to simply as MP4.

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